Conditions of participation on Východniarska 100

1.) Only person with a minimum age of 18 (a person who has reached the age of 18 at the latest the day before the start) can take part in the Vychodniarska 100/ Vychodniarska 50.

2.) Only a person registered in advance via the registration form, who paid the participation fee based on instructions from the event organizer delivered to the contact mailbox (e-mail provided in the registration form) and has been included in the list of registered participants with completed registration (link listed on the V100 website). Registration directly at the presentation / start of the event is not possible.

3.) The fee for the start of one participant is 55 EUR (40 EUR for V50) Registered persons will be informed about the method of payment of the entry fee via e-mail, which they will receive after logging in to the address specified in the registration form. Payment of the entry fee must be made by transfer to the account of the V100 in EUR and within the set time limit. (7 days) Payments in cash and in another currency are not accepted.

4.) The time limit for paying the entry fee is 7 calendar days from the date of sending the e-mail with information about the payment of the entry fee (not from the date of opening the e-mail). If the entry fee is not on the account of the V100 within the specified period, the application will be canceled without further notice.

5.) The entry fee is non-transferable, its sale to another participant (or purchase from another participant) is not accepted.

6.) Cancellation of participation: information about the cancellation of the application for the event Východniarska stovka must be notified immediately by e-mail to (cancellation of participation announced orally or by telephone or via the social network is not accepted). The entry fee will be refunded after deducting the cancellation fee of 15 EUR, and only if the information about the cancellation of the application for the V100 was sent via e-mail to before 28 July 2023 23.59 hrs. (bank account number must be provided to return the entry fee).

7.) The organizers of the V100 reserve the right not to accept (reject) registration.

8.) Participation in the V100/V50 is voluntary and at your own risk. The organizers are not responsible for damages incurred or caused by the participants.

9.) The organizers of the V100/V50 recommend that all participants of the event take out a suitable type of insurance for the time of the V100/V50 event.

10.) The organizers of the V100/V50 strongly recommend to all participants of the event to undergo an individual medical check before the V100/V50.

11.) Overall limit for the number of participants for V100/V50 2023 is 150.

12.) Before the start in Kysak, each participant is obliged to pass the presentation (either on Friday evening or Saturday morning) at the designated place, where he will receive a control card and instructions. During the presentation, each participant submits the completed and signed document Informed consent of the participant of the V100 (link to the document will be added).


1.) Each participant in the V100/V50 must carry all items of mandatory equipment during the event (from the start until the end of participation in the destination or elsewhere on the route of the event). In case of finding the missing mandatory equipment, the participant will not be allowed to start. If missing items on the route are found (see point 2 for a list of these items), the participant will be disqualified.

2.) List of mandatory equipment:
- 1 pc of isothermal foil
- headtorch with the new batteries
- charged and turned on cellphone with the SIM card, which phone number was mentioned in entry form
– Mapa (mapy), na ktorej je zobrazená celá trasa Východniarskej stovky (Východniarska 50), alebo GPS s nahraným priebehom trasy
- reflective vest or reflextive stripes on clothes
– Fľaše resp. vodný vak s obsahom minimálne 1 Liter
- own cup of bidon with wide bottleneck with minimum capacity 1,5 dl (bottles with narrow bottleneck is not accepted)
- ID card

3.) The mandatory equipment check can be performed before the start and during the event at any place on the route by the organizer or a volunteer authorized by him.


1.) The presentation of the participants takes place on piatok 4. augusta 2023  v priestoroch Základnej školy v Kysaku od 18.00 do 23.00 hod.   V sobotu 5. augusta 2023 bude prezentácia možná iba vo výnimočnom prípade, po predchádzajúcej dohode s organizátorom najneskôr do 05:30 hod.  Pre podujatie Východniarska 50 je možná aj prezentácia v Kojšove (Karčma pod hoľu) aj v sobotu 5.8.2023 od 09:30 do 11:30 hod.

2.) Before the start, it will be possible to hand over luggage for the trasportation to the finish. These items must be handed in the start no later than 20 minutes before the start and must be visibly marked with a luggage tag with the participant's start number, name and surname.

3.) The start of the V100 is common (unless the organizers of the event announce otherwise) in front of the Municipal Office in Kysak on Saturday, August 5, 2023 at 06.00. Start of V50 is common in front of Karčma pod hoľu on Saturday 5, 2023 at 12:00

4.) The time limit for completing the route (arriving at the destination in Košice) is 32 hours from the start, i.e. until August 6, 2023 at 14:00 For Východniarska 50, the time limit for completing the route (arriving at the destination in Košice) is 14 hours from the start, i.e. until August 6, 2023 at 02:00 a.m.

5.) The route of the V100/V50 is precisely defined, the participant of the event is obliged to follow this route.

6.) Carrying the runner's equipment by another person is strictly forbidden.

7.) Personal assistance to the participant (eg by family members, friends…) is tolerated only at checkpoints.

8.) In order to ensure equal conditions for all participants of V100/V50 wirh 105km/58km route accompanying runners (so-called "paceri") are not allowed. An exception to this rule are pacers for the blind runners (with the consent of the organizer).

9.) In order to protect the participants' health, during the event, in case of health complications that could endanger the participant's safety, health or life, the paramedics have the right to decide on the termination of their participation in the race (or its suspension for the necessary time). In such a case, the participant is obliged to comply with this decision.

10.) In case of sooner termination of participation in the event (DNF) outside the checkpoint, the participant is obliged to inform the organizer by phone or via SMS (in case of unavailable signal on the spot, the participant must do so at the first possible opportunity). The contact number of the event organizer will be stated in the control card (itinerary).

11.) The participant is obliged to provide assistance to another participant in need.

12.) In case of finding circumstances that would endanger the life or health of the participants on the route of the event, the participant is obliged to immediately notify the organizers.

13.) The organizers of the event reserve the right to change the route, time limits of checkpoints and the program of the event or complete cancellation of the event (especially for reasons of safety of participants).


1.) Checkpoints (staffed by the event organizers or their authorized volunteers) will be located on the route of the event at the places about which the participants are informed via this website and via the control card.

2.) At each checkpoint, the time of arrival of each participant will be recorded. The time will be recorded at the checkpoints using an electronic timekeeper (the volunteer will record it using the application). The participant therefore accesses the control post immediately upon arrival at the control post, not when leaving it or after refreshments. The organizers or their volunteers have the right to check the mandatory equipment of the participant.

3.) In addition to the main time limit for completing the entire route (32 hours/14 hours for V50), partial limits are set on the route at designated checkpoints (see Information section). In case of non-compliance with the time limit at one of these stations, participation in the event ends, but the participant can continue on the route outside the event.

4.) A participant who passes through all checkpoints in compliance with their time limits and arrives at the finish line within the specified overall time limit will receive a diploma at the finish line as a confirmation of successful completion of the V100/V50.

5.) In the absence of registration from the checkpoint (s), the event organizers decide on the penalty / disqualification.

6.) Intentional violation of the route (so-called shortening), use of means of transport and any other forms of cheating result in disqualification (DSQ) from all other years of the V100/V50.

7.) The use of accompanying runners (so-called "paceri") are not allowed. An exception to this rule are pacers for the blind runners (with the consent of the organizer).

8.) Refusal to assist another participant in case of emergency, physical or verbal insult or threat to the organizers and volunteers, refusal to check the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification of the participant (DSQ).

9.) The missing item of mandatory equipment (headlamp, mobile phone, isothermal foil, bottles or water bag with a content of at least 1.5 L) results in disqualification of the participant (DSQ).

10.) Missing own cup, mug or bottle with a wide neck (bottle) with a volume of at least 1.5 dl, missing identity card, missing map or GPS, missing reflective vest or reflective tapes are penalized by adding 1 hour to the total time.

11.) Participants may not dispose of rubbish outside of the control posts occupied by the organizers or public waste containers or containers. Conscious disposal of waste outside the organizers occupied checkpoints or public waste containers or containers is penalized by adding 1 hour to the total time.

12.) Penalty or disqualification will be applied in the place of the violation of the rules or at the next checkpoint, if the runner has left the checkpoint before the penalty or disqualification is applied. Penalties or disqualifications will be made by the event organizer or a volunteer authorized by him at the checkpoint after telephone consultation with the event organizers.

13.) Protests against possible problems in the organization or course of the event can be submitted at the finish line no later than 1 hour after the end of the total time limit of the event (by 6 August 2023 15.00 or 04:00 for V50). The protest is submitted by the participant in person at the event organizer. The condition for submitting a protest is the payment of a deposit of € 20. If the protest is recognized by the event organizer, the deposit of 20 EUR will be returned to the participant, if the protest is not accepted, the deposit will be forfeited in favor of the event organizer.

1.) The participants of the event must behave respectfully of nature, they must not deviate unnecessarily from the marked hiking trails and roads along which the route of the V100/V50.

2.) Participants may not dispose of rubbish outside of the control posts or public waste receptacles or containers.

By registering, the participant gives consent in accordance with law no. 18/2018 Z.z. on the protection of personal data with the management, processing and storage of personal data required in the registration form by the non goverment organization Cassovia Trail Runners, based in Košice, Ovručská 9, 040 22 Košice, ID 54385768 for the purpose of registration for the event Východniarska 100/50, for 1 year . After this time, the participant's personal data will be deleted.

If the situation and current measures so require, the Rules will include the PROTOCOL FOR PREVENTION COVID-19, the wording of which will be prepared on the basis of the current pandemic situation and current measures published in the valid decree of the ÚVZ SR.