„Východniarska stovka“ is approximately 129 km continuous point to point ultra trail race for individuals and relay teams. The course connects Košice and Prešov, two of the biggest cities in the east part of Slovakia – and for a majority of the race follows „Volovské vrchy“: a very beautiful part of the „Slovenské rudohorie“ mountain range.

The race is open to the public – Basic conditions for participating in the race are as follows: runners must be aged 18 and over, they need to complete the registration form and pay the entry fee. The race is officialy supported by cities Košice and Prešov.


DATES : Saturday 1st August 2020 –  2nd August 2020

START: Saturday 1st August 2020 at 6a.m – PREŠOV (part „Pod Kalváriou“)

FINISH: KOŠICE Restaurant and public swimming area „Ryba-Anička“

PRESENTATION: Friday 31st July 2020 from 18:00 to  23:59 in the gym of the Mladost school (Pod Kalváriou 36, Prešov). Map  If you arrive on a Friday after midnight, please contact us at We would like to point out that the presentation deadline is on Saturday until 05:00 in exceptional cases. Please bring the signed Informed consent with you.




ULTRA RELAY (2 runners)

You can register here (deadline is 24th of July 2020 23:59:59)


35€ – category ULTRA

70€ – category ULTRA RELAY


  • drinks and snacks at the aid stations,
  • baggage transport from the start area to the finish area,
  • „Drop Bag“ service – distributing runner´s personal gear and food to the aid station „Kojšov“,
  • medical personnel positioned at various aid stations along the course,
  • night and day additional course markings,
  • shower and food voucher at the finish line area,
  • trasportation from the finish area to the Kosice railway station

The medical emergency care is provided by medical professionals and volunteers.

In case of a serious emergency event runners and organisers can call the Slovak integrated rescue system, telephone line no. 112.


TIME LIMIT: runners must reach the finish within 36hours

THE COURSE: length 129 km / elevation gain 6500 m+

The course follows officially marked tourist trails for most of the time and a few parts of the course are carefully marked by the organiser.

„Východniarska 100“ is part of Slovak Ultratrail ligue, Czech-Slovak Ultra Trail Cup and Czechoslovak 1000 (CS-1000) and is a qualifying race for UTMB 2019/2020 (5 points)


1. Kysak

2.Malá Lodina

3. Košická Belá

4. Kojšov (relay switch point)

5. Zlatá Idka

6. Klatovianka

7. cieľ (Košice – Ryba Anička)

There are places along the course (not including official aid stations) where you can buy food and refreshments (challet Lajoška, Veľká Lodina…) if necessary.


1. Only persons aged 18 or above on race day (1.8.2020) may register for the event „Vychodniarska 1OO“

2. Runners are not considered registered until full payment is received. After completing the registration form and clearance of the appropriate payment, the participant will receive the online confirmation and may participate in the event.

3. Runners compete in this event entirely at their own risk. Course risks include but are not limited to: road crossings, river crossings, level crossings and all other common trail hazzards. Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicates full acceptance of the race rules and any modification of said rules. By registering, the participant exempts the organisers from any liability, whether civil or criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused by or to him/her.

4. By signing up to Vychodniarska 100 event and paying the starting fee, the participant agrees that:

is acquainted with the terms and conditions of his/her participation in the race as well as with the track itself and the safety rules to which he/she shall conform.  Is well aware of the difficulty level of the race, and the length and the elevation of the track for which he/she has been aptly prepared.  He/she is taking part in the race wholly at his/her own risk and with full responsibility for any health issues or injuries he/she may encounter during the race or in connection therewith he/she take full responsibility for any damage to the health or property of the organiser , or other racers, or any third persons  incurred  by them prior to, during, or after the race as a result of his/her action or due to his/her fault. Organisers have no responsibility whatsoever for any injury he/she may suffer during the race He/She hereby grant the event organiser , the civic association Slovak Ultra Trail and its authorized staff, approval and explicit consent to  the Use of his/her personal details, specifically the use of his/her name, surname, address, year of birth, telephone number, and email address for the purpose of participant registration, time measuring and creating and storing of final standing report.  Use of his/her telephone number for the purpose of contacting he/she in case health or safety are in danger during the race or in any other emergency situation.  Use of his/her email address for sending me information prior to and after the race.  Use of any photographic, sound and visual recordings made by the event organisers or other persons mainly for the purpose of their publishing in media, websites, or in promotion materials related to the event without the need of obtaining from me an author statement and without any compensation.

5. Individual runners as well as members of relay teams can start the race only if they have been properly registered and have attended a presentation (check in) before the start. A relay team representative must take part in the presentation to report the final relay composition. After presentation, relay composition can not be changed.

6. The event will be held regardless of weather conditions. However, in case of adverse weather conditions, the organiser reserves the right to make last-minute changes, even during the race, to the race route in order to eliminate potential hazards or conditions that could cause hardship for the participants. The staff shall inform the participants of any changes. The organiser also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race if the weather conditions are such that they put athletes, staff or medical teams at risk. If the race is cancelled due to this fact up until 48 hours before the race start no refunds will be given.

7. If the race is cancelled up until 15 days before the race start, due to an act of nature, area closure, or any other circumstance beyond our control the organisers are able to provide a 50% refund of the entry fee.


Failing to pass a check point (+3hours additional time)

The following infringements will result in immediate disqualification:

  • 2 or more missing check points
  • taking shortcuts
  • littering of any kind. Runners caught littering will be banned from all our future events. Please respect the natural beauty of
  • our trails and the right of everyone to enjoy them. Littering will threaten our use of the trails and the future of the race.
  • failing to help/aid a participant in difficulty
  • physical or verbal insulting or threatening other runners, staff or volunteers
  • using transport during the race
  • refusing to undergo health checks by medical staff along the race course
  • refusing to allow the checks of mandatory equipment
  • failing to carry complete mandatory equipment for the whole duration of the race


A pace runner, or pacer, is defined as a “trail companion” who may accompany a individual runner along designated sections of the trail. A pace runner must be at least 18 years of age. One pacer may accompany each individual runner from the aid station Kojšov. Pace runners might be switched at aid stations that follow.
One or more pacers must be registered by the runner no later than on 24th July 2020 This can be done only via email ( ). The email has to contain: the whole pacer’s name and all particular stages that each pacer will run. Pacers will receive an official identifying number that must be visibly placed on their body. After paying a fee of 15 €, pacers are allowed to use full service of the aid station. Pacers will not receive the medal and they are not allowed to cross the finish line with the individual runner.
Pacers must enter and leave each aid station WITH their runners. They may assist with the re-filling of water bottles or replenishment of supplies while in the station but may not come into the checkpoint ahead of their runners, or depart after their runners, in order to speed up the -fueling process. Absolutely no physical or mechanical aid may be given by the pacer to assist the runner over difficult sections of the trail (except in medical emergencies), and no food, fluids or supplies of any kind may be carried for the runner. Pacers may not carry water, food, flashlights, shoes, clothing or other supplies for anyone other than themselves.
Not accepting these rules will result in immediate disqualification!


Runners must carry with them AT ALL TIMES the mandatory equipment required. There will be kit checks before the race and potentially again during and after the race.

  • Elastic bandage 1 pc, survival blanket 1 pc, whistle or other noise creating instrument 🙂 1pc
  • Shining, light reflective component on apparel or bag (safety light)
  • Headtorch with spare bateries, and any other backup light source
  • Fully charged mobile phone including the number of the Race Director
  • Pen or pencil
  • Own water cup or bottle
  • Watter bottles/camel bags capable of carrying a minimum of 1 litre