Dear ultra community, unfortunately we have to inform you that the V100 will not take place in 2022 either. Our hard work of more than half a year was thwarted by OZ Nufia, whose chairperson - Mária Barátiová filed an appeal against the positive opinion of the District office of Environmental protection. Mrs. Barátiová, despite our efforts, did not show any interest or willingness to communicate with us. She would find out that we meet all the conditions set by her. Unfortunately, the current laws of the Slovak Republic allow anyone to object to and thwart the decisions of state authorities, which results in state officials being overwhelmed with often meaningless requests and disproportionately extending the deadlines for decisions. The Ministry of the Environment must decide on the appeal, and the entire administrative process cannot be completed by 06.08. Thus, a similar situation arose as in the Nízkotatranská stíhačka event. We firmly believe that the amendment to the law, which is currently in the process of being approved by the Slovak parliament, will prevent similar bullying of organizers of various sports events in the future. All registered runners who have paid the entry fee will be refunded in full in the coming days. We believe that we will see you live at the 2023 edition of V100.